Well-Link Lab Team


Dr. Maureen Drysdale

Lab Director, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Drysdale is a professor at St. Jerome’s University and the School of Public Health at University of Waterloo.


Renate Donnovan

Graduate Student Researcher

Renate is a PhD student supervised by Dr. Drysdale, and a Wellness Coordinator at the University of Waterloo.


Sarah Callaghan

Lab Manager, Researcher

Sarah is a counsellor with a BA in Psychology and an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology.


Megan Drysdale

Digital & Development Manager

Megan is a website and content manager, publications editor, and development coordinator.


Dr. Areesha Satti

Medical Resident in Psychiatry

Areesha is a psychiatry resident with a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Social Work.


Keehan Koorn

MSc. & Registered Psychotherapist

Keehan is a Registered Psychotherapist and Mental Health Clinician at CMHA Waterloo Wellington.

Graduate & Post-Graduate Researchers


Aasim Yacub

Post-Graduate Researcher

Aasim is a graduate in psychology and biology from the University of Waterloo.

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Jess Lee

Graduate Student Researcher

Jess is a graduate student with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Kinesiology and Psychology.

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Undergraduate Student Researchers


Erin Fitzgerald

Research Intern

Erin is a third-year student in psychology at the University of Waterloo.

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Marya Talha

Research Intern

Marya is a fifth-year student in Biomedical Sciences, minoring in Classical Studies at the University of Waterloo.

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Karen Kumar

Research Intern

Karen is a psychology student with an HBSc in neuroscience and MEd in psychology.

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Karen Nguyen

Research Intern

Karen is fourth-year student in Health Studies, minoring in Gerontology at the University of Waterloo.

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Past Researchers

Marina Abadeer

Meredith Awrey

Nicholas Bohn

Caitlin Chiupka

Paulo Dos Santos

Leila Dzinic

Nathaniel Hewitt

Saman Husain

Ejun Kim

Sophia Kudriavtsev

Raha Mahmoudi

Margaret McBeath

Armand Naik

Laura Obdeyn

Faleeha Rashid

Maria Reyes Torres

Aakriti Sharma

Ave Skuse

Elizabeth Stankiewicz

Vrushti Trivedi

Oliver Twardus

Le Wang

Rebecca Wenk

Fiqir Worku

Andrew Yang